Lucy can´t dance

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Lucy can´t dance is een bridal merk uit de UK met een stijl die het best te omschrijven valt als stoer en hedendaags met een vintage twist. Een merk naar mijn hart dus. Want naast de stijl, kan je bij Lucy ook je jurk ook laten voorzien van een dip dye in de kleur die de rode draad voert doorheen je dag. Of gewoonweg je lievelingskleur. Jumpsuit of wedding dress Lucy maakt het met heel veel liefde voor je. En voor de Belgische bruidjes, yes je kan je droom Lucy jurk ook in België rocken! Let`s find out more about Lucy!

Tell us some more about Lucy and how Lucy can´t dance came about?

Hi I’m Lucy the owner of Lucy Can’t Dance.
10 years ago I never thought I’d be making wedding dresses for a living. I was at university studying singing and acting but always had a love for fashion and a bit of light sewing. After I graduated university I was walking down the street one day and noticed a dressmaking internship in a shop window and applied. I had hardly any technical sewing skills but a lot of passion and ideas. A lovely lady taught me how to make clothes of my own that would  fit like a glove. I instantly fell in love and started experimenting with fabrics, shapes and techniques.

I started Lucy Can’t Dance as a handmade vintage style clothing company. I used bold fabrics, 60s and 70s styles, mixed in with tassels, pom poms and sequins. 4 years ago someone asked me to make a wedding dress for a photo shoot and I was surprised at how much I loved it.
I’m not a particularly ‘girly’ girl so I never imagined myself being a bridal wear designer. I like to think I’m giving women like me an option to be completely themselves on their wedding day.  It’s so important to get a wedding dress that matches their style and personality so they are the very best version of themselves instead of feeling like they’re wearing a ‘bride’ costume. 

What does the creative progress look like?
I’m inspired by vintage and bohemian styles while using bold laces, splashes of colour and intricate details to give an elegant dress with an eccentric twist. Our dip dye dresses have become very popular. Brides can pick any colour they want.

What are the possibilities?
Every dress is handmade from scratch in our crazy tropical themed studio.  We offer a made to measure service to ensure a perfect fit. All sizes and shapes are welcome in our studio.
All of our dresses can be altered to suit each bride’s individual style. We can change necklines, sleeve length, shapes and colours to ensure our brides get a completely unique dress that is perfect for them.
Our collection is all about choice. We have so many options and variations to choose from. We have lace slip dresses with 8 different coloured slip options or base dresses, skirts and jumpsuits with a huge range of lace tops which match perfectly. I love giving brides so much choice when they come in for appointments but sometimes it makes it much harder to choose from.

You can come into our studio for an appointment or you can order your dress overseas. All we need are some body measurements.
We are just starting to work on the 2019 collection and I’m very excited. There will be sequins, western influences and new colour techniques. The new collection will be launched around March 2019. 

Brides these days want their personality to shine thru on their big day and the dress. Is this something you notice as well?
I’m noticing more and more that brides want to break the mould and wear something different and unique on their wedding day. The wedding industry has developed so much in the past few years. There seems to be so much more choice and a chance to really express your personality and style.

Photo´s ; Megan Elle photography & Jodi Hanagan